Cracks in your home are ugly, but not only that, they allow bugs, insects, spiders, scorpions, snakes and all other kinds of creepy crawlers to dwell in the walls of your home. Another problem with these openings is that they provide access to water, which will deteriorate your walls causing leaks, leading to a big mess and of course, very big expense.

How We Do It

  • All joints associated with the crack(s) are ground a minimum 3/4″
  • Damaged bricks are cut out of the wall
  • Latex modified mortar, custom color matched to your home, is injected in all areas to be repaired with a grout bag.
  • New bricks (if necessary) are replaced
  • Each repaired joint is tooled down for the final step to completion.
  • Once the new mortar has completely cured, challenge a friend to find where the old cracks in your masonry were!

Latex Modified Mortars

Our mortars contain a latex additive for obvious reasons. The ground is constantly moving so even if you’ve had foundation repair in the past, your home is still settling. With the Brick Magic masonry repair System, we guarantee the repaired masonry areas will not crack again because our mortar will expand and contract with the movement of your home.

Color Matching

Matching the new mortar color to the existing masonry in your home has never been easier. Using our color chart and recipes helps to ensure that the masonry repair is virtually invisible once the mortar has dried.

Need Masonry Advice?

We’ll be happy to assist you with any answers or advice you may need regarding your masonry project. Just ask our experts whether you need “How To” information for the Do It Yourself Project, or help finding the right contractor. Unique topics will be posted on the FAQ’s Page for future reference. Send your request now by writing to us on the Contact Us page and select “Advice” for the topic.